Wednesday’s 5 on Meditation

The practice of meditation has been around for centuries yet there is still a lot of confusion and misconceptions about the practice especially in Africa.


We took to our Instagram to demystify meditation. So here are five frequently asked question and Michael’s take on them.

What is Mediation?

First, you need to understand that mediation is not concentration. Mediation is a training in awareness that leads to self-inquiry. Your thoughts and your feelings are more or less still there and active and the practice is really about learning them without judgment and over time start to understand them.

How Do I Start A Meditation Practice

a. Learn to be with yourself: Yes, this is a thing. Find some quiet place and just be. Learn to be alone with your thoughts, free of stimulation or distractions.

b.Find a way to plug into a guided meditation. It could be via a class or an application like Headspace or Budda

c. Start small. Do something that is digestible and realistic, something you can make a ritual out of. It can be 5 mins, 7 mins, 10 mins.

d. Just start

How Long Should I be Meditating For?

Refer to “C’” on the last question. To reiterate, don’t pressure yourself to meditate for a longer duration if you are not ready for it. Anything from 5 mins should work as long as you settle into the practice within a few seconds to starting.

How Can I meditate when I can’t Stay Still?

Most times people fidget because of two reasons.

  1. Because they simply can’t be with themselves, alone with their thoughts. If that is the case with you, learn and practice how to be with you.
  2. They are uncomfortable – If you are uncomfortable, grab a yoga block, a pillow, cushion, and sit on it; rest your back on a wall. Also, not all mediation requires sitting up straight. You can also lie down to meditate.

What are the Benefits of Mediation?

Let us approach this in regards to what the practice increases and decreases:


Positive Emotions


Immune Function

Control Over Emotions

Ability to Focus

Inner Peace






Negative emotions

Feeling of Loneliness


Let us know how your practice is going, share questions and we’ll answer next Wednesday!



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