Last Wednesday, Our Friend Eze, a nutritional counselor, answered 5 frequently asked questions about fasting.

What is Fasting?

Fasting is the voluntary restriction of food and drink. It is an ancient discipline for self-purification. Cleansing body, mind and emotion.

What are popular types of fasting?

There are four common fasts. Intermittent fasting, fruit fasting, water fasting and dry fasting.

What are some physical benefits of fasting?

Fasting triggers a metabolic transition. Increasing ketosis and autophagy. Ketosis is the physiological state in which the body uses stored fat as its primary energy source. This state significantly improves hormonal balance. Autophagy is the process in which the body recycles worn out cell components. This internal housekeeping is a powerful form of detoxification.

What are some psychological benefits of fasting?

Certain man asked Gandhi why he fasted so often. Gandhi replied “to purify the self”. The self is the ego. Fasting brings about profound states of introspection in which long-suppressed negative emotions come to the surface. And one can finally let them go.

What are some “side effects” of fasting?

Fasting is a tool for detoxification. It can mobilize various stores of retained toxicity. Such as heavy metals and pesticide residues. As the body begins to process these substances, it can cause detox reactions like headaches, fevers and tiredness. But ultimately it is for good.

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