Get To Know Stacey

What are you currently listening to: Israel Houghton, Hosanna.

Favourite time of day to get your practice in: Night (especially rainy nights)

Hometown: Delta

Favourite music artist/band: Hmmm way too many can’t pick. Okay Bez, Falana, Israel Houghton, Coldplay, Yanni, Rihanna, Handel & Beethoven

Dream vacation: Ah yes… Bali

Favourite post yoga snack: donuts

On weekends I can be found: teaching yoga ( epp me) or Kayaking/Hiking.

Favourite yoga pose: Pincha Mayurasana (scorpion pose/forearm stand)

Book recommendations for other yogis: Yoga bible… oh any random book? Then ‘The Four agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz

Your personal mantra: Thoughts become things, pick the good ones.

A quote you love: you can’t pour out of an empty cup, fill yours first.

Favourite Movie of all time: Any Harry Potter movie really.

How did you get into yoga: I was doing research on how to manage asthma and found yoga. Fell in love with the practice ever since.

What was your first yoga class like: It was awkward. I got in late and had to find a spot in the midst of this group of people I didn’t know. Ended up okay once I settled in.

Weirdest place you’ve ever practised: Somewhere close to the Tour Eiffel in Paris. Tourists kept staring, but oh well.

What’s your favourite part of Breathe Studio: The part with the Sanskrit Yoga symbol.

Personal Details

Instagram: @yoga_with_stacey