Get To Know Sarah
Favorite time of day to get your practice in: Between morning and noon! Mornings are my fav.
Hometown: Born in Lebanon, raised in Lagos.
Favorite yoga pose: Backbends like chakrasana (heart openers).
Book recommendations for other yogis: “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer. A must read book! So good for the soul.
Your personal mantra: “Inhale love, exhale all the toxins”  
and “don’t judge yourself”
A quote you love: “Let your heart lead the way”
How did you get into yoga: To find yourself through the art of yoga is truly a magical experience. I started my yoga journey in 2013, and on this path, I found my true home – the home within. It taught me how to connect with my inner self and empower my mind through my body and breath. I intend to share the magic of yoga with my students and create a safe space for them to feel empowered by focusing on breathing, alignment, strength, mindfulness and love.
What was your first yoga class like: My first yoga class was a Bikram class, halfway through the class, I was literally on the mat in savasana trying to breathe. My teacher told me “no matter what you do, don’t walk out of the class”. Ever since I made it through that class I got hooked.
What’s your favorite part of Breathe Studio: The energy, so zen and filled with love and light