Movement Coach


Get To Know Panda

What are you currently listening to : “It’s Gotta Be You” – Isaiah

Favorite time of day to get your practice in: I’ve always loved morning training

Hometown: I’m from Lagos man. I know they say you’re from your father’s place of origin, but I was born and bred in Lagos so… I’m from Lagos lol.

Favorite music artist/band: John Mayer.

Dream vacation: Right now, I wanna go to Banjul with my wife. Maybe Johannesburg after that.

Favorite post yoga snack: An apple is always great.

On weekends I can be found: Teaching a class or two, and then hanging out with my family.

Favorite yoga pose: Malasana

Book recommendations for other yogis: Not a yoga book, but “Becoming A Supple Leopard” is great for anyone interested in human movement.

Your personal mantra – “Weakness Compels Strength”

Favorite Movie of all time – “What Love Is”

What was your first yoga class like – Awkward. I kept messing up poses and missing sequences.

What’s your favorite part of Breathe Studio – The Chillout Room. I love laying on the floor and looking at the board and all that’s been written on it.

Personal Details

Twitter: @capoierapanda
Instagram: @capoierapanda