Instructor and Co-Owner

Michael Ernest

Get To Know Michael  

Favorite Music Artist or Band:  The most difficult question ever for someone who collects music. So no, I won’t answer. However I am presently jamming to Emeli Sande, Andrea Bocelli, Lindsey Abudei, RY X and Alicia Keys.

Favorite Yoga Pose:  I struggled a lot with Handstand, so yeah it has become my default pose.

On Weekends You Can Be Found:  Surfing at the beach, taking a trip, attending non-conventional events, or just chilling at home.

Favorite Movie of All Time:  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Favorite TV Show: Presently – Game of Thrones; Of all time – LOST.

Favorite Time to Get Your Practice In:  Early mornings or late evenings.

Dream Vacation:  I suffer from wanderlust. Right now I am dying to go to Bali.

Favorite Post Yoga Meal:  Water. I keep it simple.

How Did You Get Into Yoga:  I was on a weight loss journey so I got Tony Horton’s P90X DVD and it had this yoga segment. It fascinated me that the guy in the video could transition from crow to handstand so I started practicing just to at least master crow for a picture, and then I got dragged in.
What Was Your First Class Like:  Breath-taking in all ramifications.

A Quote You Love:  If you want a place in the sun, you’ve got to put up with a few blisters. – Pauline Phillips

Book Recommendation for Other Yogis: This feels like the music question. So I will share the two books I am presently reading. ‘Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite” by Paul Arden and “Invest Your Heartbeats Wisely” by Theo Etzel.
Your Personal Mantra Is…  Spend money on experiences not things.
What’s Your Favorite Part About Breathe:  So far it’s been the welcoming vibe the space offers from the Breathe wall art to the fresh and earthy scent right to the smiling faces.


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