Get To Know Marleya 

What are you currently listening to: Podcasts on life development and education of the female body. That’s Glambition Radio with Ali Brown, Loveline with Amber Rose, Back Girls Talking, Judah Smith, Joel Osteen,  Freakonomics Radio, Hardtalk & Keepin it 1600.

Favourite time of day to get your practice in: 5am and 10pm because it’s the most quietest parts of my day. I love to squeeze in some quick practice challenge during lunch at 12noon.

Favourite music artist/band: I’m currently listening to Jessie J, Coldplay, Hillsong, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Lana Del Rey, Évanescence, L’orde, Ellie Goulding, Meghan Trainor. The list is long. I can never pick one. That kind of child.

Dream vacation: Any island with a lot of waters! Bora Bora island and Egypt are on my list for May 2017

Favourite post yoga snack: A smoothie and Brownie. Puts me in such a happy state!

On weekends I can be found: In studio or on field recording a new content for my organisation or halfway around the world.

Favourite yoga pose: My favorite yoga poses are always goals for me so I have not achieved it yet but it would be a scorpion handstand. And that means my leg touches my head fully in relax mode. Like I said, goals! Lol

Book recommendations for other yogis: Your personal mantra

A quote you love: Breathe. Be. Become.

How did you get into yoga:  I became frustrated with my lack of healthy lifestyle and the fact that it took me 2 hours to get in a great workout at the gym, ending up being out of breath hardly able to maintain it. I dreamt of a state of mind I needed to feel & become and I became it. I woke up, researched about it and discovered Yoga! Then I started teaching myself.

What was your first yoga class like: Alone. On a park bench in Abuja. A photographer documented all of it. It was beautiful because the lake crawled out in front of me and that was exactly what I wanted to be.

Weirdest place you’ve ever practise: On transit in airports, under my workstation desk at work, in the baby section of a supermarket, on a boat heading to an island and on a surfboard on the waves.

What’s your favourite part of Breathe Studio: The fact that it is created by young yogis like me who understand the necessity for a healthy environment and the need to destroy all stereotypes of yoga in our community. Also the fact that the entire atmosphere in the studio is as green as a state of mind.

Personal Details


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