On the 20th of May 2017 we hosted our first Gather.

The rains started at 10 am, and for an 11 am start time it didn’t bode well for us.

In good spirits we still set up for the guests we expected, after weeks of publicity and multiple RSVPs we couldn’t let anyone down, so we prepared our space and waited.

At 11 am we heard the doors slide open, surprise!

It was amazing that the rain didn’t hold them back, we had so many wet shoes/clothes but also smiling faces!

Minutes passed and we had only a few guests so we all decided to wait till 11:30 am to give everyone time to make their way under the heavy rain. Admittedly it made the studio so cosy.

We sat on our mats and chatted for a bit, Michael started leading the yoga class with some knowledge about awareness and mindfulness, then we sat still for a few minutes in meditation.

Sandra instructed the seating poses and we made our way to Shavasana with the rain drops in the background almost putting us to sleep.

And then it was time for talk and tea!

Out came the Fennel seeds and mint mix, then Kenyan tea and Chamomile tea, we also had veggie wraps and sandwiches. It was a bountiful brunch; Bolanile even brought her delicious vegetarian frittatas! The room was super thrilled about the delicious bites that the recipes for all we ate had to be jotted down and shared with the guests (don’t worry we will share here as well).

From first timers – Tosin and Richmond, to experienced yogis – Becca, Ify and Kristen, we had a lot to share about the yoga experience. Sometimes yoga might seem intimidating from the pictures and videos on social media but there are so many misconceptions that can only be explained by a long time practitioner and we are so glad they got to ask all their questions.

We had opportunities to learn from the vegetarians/vegans present – Michael and Bolanile, and the reasons why they made their decision. It’s so much harder to make that switch in Lagos, but as you get used to the lifestyle you realise you can mix and match when picking our food at a restaurant to suit your needs, as long as they respect your choices it’ll get easier to eat out in Lagos. We also chatted about tea; and how different kinds of tea contribute to our well-being.

We made new friends – Eniola made sure her friends came by to breathe with us, we are truly grateful to you, Nibi, Chika and Tosin. And for all the advice you shared with us, we hope your stay was worth it.

Our small group bonded for hours and didn’t realise when the rain stopped and it was time to go.

For us, this was a blissful day that reinforced our stance – to create a space to find balance and community.

It was really an awesome gathering, and we cannot wait for the next one!

Thanks for reading and i hope you’ll join us next month! View more pictures/recipes/videos.

Gather at Breathe – 17th June, 2017! Theme and location will be announced soon!

Love and light,



  • Ebere Posted May 26, 2017 1:15 pm

    Now I wish I made it, will definitely be at the next one 😀

    • Sandra Patrick Posted May 30, 2017 8:53 am

      Yay! *dancing*

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